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last updated: February 2, 2009


This is a tool to trap and disable [F5] key stroke in Windows clients.

For example, [F5] key is assigned to refresh the Internet Explorer browser window, but it is rather not appropriate for rich internet applications (RIA).
Workarounds are available with Javascript, but they may not be able to use with Adobe Flash Player, Flex and ActiveX controls.

This tool is aimed for disabling [F5] key at OS level.


F5TRAP is built and tested in following environment;
  • WindowsXP Home Edition
  • Microsoft Visual C++ .net Standard 2002
Other environments are not tested in, but F5TRAP does not include OS- and IE- specific coding, so could run in lots of Windows environment. Try it!


Unzip F5TRAP001.zip, and copy F5TRAP.EXE to any folder.
F5TRAP.EXE Jan 30, 2009 23:55:46 81,920 bytes
F5TRAP.EXE does not require external DLLs and registry settings.

For uninstall, simply delete F5TRAP.EXE .


Launch F5TRAP.EXE .
The icon like [F5] key is displayed in taskbar.
If [F5] key is pressed, the event is trapped, and beeps and the icon flashes red.

To terminate F5TRAP, right-click the icon and click "exit" in the menu.


"[F5] key is already redistered as hot key by another process."

Another F5TRAP process is already launched.

Or, another application already registered [F5] as hot key, in this case F5TRAP cannot be used.


This is FREE software, which you can download, use, distribute with no license fee regardless that purpose is commercial use or not, though any distribution with charge is not allowed except the media itself and supplement for magazines.

This software is supplied AS IS, and not guaranteed for the function and performance. The supplier for this software is not liable to you for any damages, claims, or costs.


DL F5TRAP001.zip F5TRAP version 0.01

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